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Suzy has a degree in Psychology, a choice that was fuelled by a desire to learn about what makes us tick. This study was continued on her course with the International Macrobiotic School, where she begun delving into holistic counselling, and emotional patterns linked with yin and yang and the five elements.  From this work Suzy has built her own practise offering Macrobiotic consultations to assist in diet, emotional well-being and lifestyle.

Suzy is also a Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, healing massage and crystals practitioner, and shamanic practitioner, and soul reader. With an eclectic mix of healing practices Suzy feels her life has become richer and fuller, with more understanding and happiness; and less health and emotional turbulence. She is now dedicated to continuing this journey for herself, and her family, and to also share this with the guests coming to stay at Sunny Brow.

Meet Suzy

Suzy has always had a passion for healthy eating and holistic living; researching and reading avidly in this area. Her interest and purpose has always been to understand what is best for the body and how to apply this.  

Healing on a nutritional and physical level also led her to healing on an emotional and spiritual level, and her practise and daily life now incorporate many elements to aid this journey.  Suzy does not only teach from study courses and theory, but works hard to live and breathe her beliefs.

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