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Jane Alexander runs her own teaching and spiritual healing practice in Cumbria through which she offers her intuitively guided sessions, readings and workshops. Jane is an instinctive mystic, soul aware facilitator and accidental musician, who weaves shamanic-style transformative workshops and retreats. Sound plays a powerful role in Jane’s work. She uses her voice, words and non-linguistic chanting to facilitate altered states of consciousness. 



Jane’s spiritual life began in earnest just over 15 years ago, and her facilitation arises from her own experience as she has learned to navigate consciousness and to connect with expanded states of awareness. Her magic and her unique, grounded spirituality is based in her sense of connection to Gaia and to Source and it is always her aim to empower those she works with to find their own unique pathway to truth. 

Meet Jane

"Jane is a truly gifted and insightful spiritual teacher. She has a special way that supports and opens you up in the right space for yourself to spiritually grow and expand"


"Her sessions give so much clarity, healing, deeper levels of understanding...she has been an AMAZING and truly transformational guide for me on my spiritual journey and can't thank her enough for doing what she does!"


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